things that make me say yay....


... going on a beautiful fall run, in the woods, and seeing all of the beautiful colors on the trees
... wearing that new favorite sweater of yours. completed with that comfy scarf
... lighting my favorite candle after dinner, knowing that the only thing on your agenda is bed
... reading the new martha stewart magazine, in bed.
... playing footsie with chad at night before i drift into sleep

what things make you say yay
ps, clearly one could tell i made this list right before bed... because over half of the items on my yay list include it ;)


  1. that scarf is dreamy-scratch that the whole outfit is!! :)

  2. I'm in love with your whole outfit! Where did you get your bag? I've been looking for one like this :)

  3. footsies before bed is always nice, except the bf gets mad when my feet are cold and i try and warm them up on him.

  4. we definitely do the whole footsies thing too. :) i actually even do it in my sleep. i think it's weird...but he thinks it's sweet. so i guess that's okay.

  5. A fall run sounds amazing :) Eating desserts is always a yayy!

  6. i just ate some pistachio cake... MEGA yay.


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