have you ever made a macaroon?


so... i totally want to make macaroons... anyone have an idea of how? i just buy them from my favorite place, cocoa and fig. these are one of those foods that intimates me... but i kinda think that way about a lot of things that i have never made. but i gotta push through and do it. tips, recipes, etc. are appreciated :)


  1. I love baking and I'm obsessed with eating macaroons- it was going to be my next project- learning to make them myself! We'll have to swap tricks and tips later! x

  2. I've never made them before, but after seeing this post I am inspired! must. find. recipe. now.

  3. i've seen several cookbooks on how to make them but they still intimidate me too. mostly because i'm scared my own won't live up to store bought ones.


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