life lately...


life lately via chad and i's iphone/instagram 

1&2// not like i need an excuse to drink coffee, but fall does make a lovely time for drinking coffee

3&4// little babe keeps saying "uh oh" it is too funny

5// three things about this photos, the first there has been awesome weather lately... i cannot get enough of theses beautiful fall days. second thing, i love having nanny play dates. it is so fun to see the kids interact with one another  (plus they happen to be so dang cute). third thing, i love having a baby on my hip. for now i am very happy it is not my baby, but regardless. i love it.

6// chad and i have been going on lots of hikes lately. the trees are so beautiful. we are lucky to live within five minutes to a state park, and have been spending several evenings a week out there

other things going on lately...

chad and i are planning a few road trips that we will be taking the last few weekends in october, i am beyond excited. we will be heading to nashville and chicago! i have never been to nashville, but have always heard such great things. cannot wait to go check it out. any blogging friends that live in either of those places?

i am in a reading dud, its weird. i haven't been motivated to read at all... but i am not quite sure how i am spending my free time... but i want to get back in. maybe i need a new read so if you have a recommendation... send it my way ;)

what have you been up to lately?

ps do you use instagram? i would love to be friends! 


  1. beautiful photos. i now follow you via insta! my insta name is @erykaann :)

  2. I highly recommend The Scorpio Races by Maggie Stiefvater. It's an amazing book full of adventure, thrills, a bit of romance, and will always be one of my favorites

  3. Nashville is my absolute favorite. I just went in August and am going back in December. When will you be there? If you need recommendations on what to do or where to stay I have a great Airbnb that I love.

  4. Great pictures! I'm really enjoying your slippers. Just followed you on instagram (@chartreuth) :)

  5. Also, I would love if you joined my Flannel Friday link-up!


  6. Fall definitely makes the perfect time to drink and love all hot drinks!!! :) And I love fall hikes! Happy weekend!


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