road trip necessities


road trip necessities

1. comfy shirt. lately i have been into plaid 
2. leggings, or jeggings
3. my personal favorite, jane austen. you cannot go wrong with a good book in the car. or four ;)
4. make up bag, with moving in and out of the car... having the make up in one central location is key
5. good luggage. we invested in some with wedding money and am so glad
6. baseball cap... you know when you don't shower for a few days ;)
7. knit scarf, you get hot... and then get cold. the scarf is your best friend in the car

we are road tripping a whole lot in the month of october.. we went camping last weekend, are heading to nashville tonight, and then the following weekend we will be going to chicago. aka, the month of october will consist of lots of hours (about 45, are we crazy?!)  in the good ol' camry. it's going to be great. 

what are your road trip necessities? and also, any recommendations for nashville?!


  1. perfect car outfit! nashville is like only 4ish hours from us! too bad tomorrow we're going to florida.
    be sure to pack yummy snacks too :)

  2. I agree with the leggings and scarf! Me and my husband travel so much he told me to buy two of all the essentials. Now I have my make up at home and I have a travel bag packed. I have a toiletry bag and a makeup bag ready to go in my back pack so it saves me the hassle of going back and forth.

  3. Road tripping sounds great!! The scarf idea is genius, I don't know why I never thought of that!

  4. That comfy shirt is perfect! I always have to bring a book or my Kindle.. and plenty of water. :)


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