just call me crazy...


sweater: old navy leggings: lulu lemon boots: frye scarf: crochet me this belt: aerie 

disclaimer: after this post you may think i am a little crazy. its okay, i am feeling a little crazy. ;)

so, i had been wanting to go somewhere for months, and then october hits and BAM, i get to fulfil my travel bug a whole lot. and by a whole like i mean i am in a different state each weekend in october. craziness.  it started out with a  nice and calm with the first weekend in october here in minnesota... then the next weekend was spent camping in wisconsin.. then chad and i decided to do a slightly last minute trip to nashville... then this weekend we are heading to chicago, and to end the month of travels, i just booked a trip fifteen minutes ago for my sister rosie and i to go visit my sister laurel in denver. travel bug, i hope that you are fulfilled for a bit after this month. at least for a few weekends at home. ;)

because of all of my traveling i have been opting out for comfy clothes. leggings and sweaters have been my friend. and the look above has been worn at least 6 times this month. especially this sweater because it basically feels like a big blanket, but still is socially acceptable to wear in public. its awesome.


  1. Love that little travel bug! Sounds like a crazy hectic but fun-filled month! I love your outfit. Whenever you buy clothes just buy a second set for me and I'll pay you back. ;)

  2. love that sweater! when did you get it?!?!

  3. Your outfit is so cute!!! It looks super cozy, but cute enough to be confident all day! Love your outfits, friend! And I hope you get to enjoy your trips! :)

  4. Good for you girl! It sounds like an awesome October!! Have fun in Chicago! I love that city!!!! Crazy is always good in my book;)

  5. I love, love, love this outfit :) super cute girly!!!


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