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well, winter is clearly on its way here in minnesota with snow and chilly temps in the forecast. this is all awesome and i really don't mind except for one thing. my ability to run. as i have mentioned several time through out this blog, i love to run. its my favorite form of exercise by far and this time of year always makes my relationship with running a little tricky. for one, i like to run in the daylight. this is more for safety being a women. and two, sometimes it is just too dang cold to run outside. especially when that sun goes down. 

so i am in need of a new fitness routine. aka, back to the gym i go. working out in the winter is way harder. you have to take off your clothes and put cold ones on, just to go back into the cold and head to the gym. its hard getting motivated to do just that, and the workout hasn't even begun yet. my goal of working out three times a week just got a whole lot harder.

but never mind here we can't let that get in the way of defeat, so i have come up with a few ways that i am planning on staying active during the winter/colder months.

soccer league chad and i signed up for a weekly soccer league that starts next tuesday. cannot wait!

yoga: i am really hoping to keep practicing yoga by attending a class once a week. there are a few good ones right by my fitness center by my house. for me, i know that i am more likely to back out of a workout after work (all i want to do is get home, cook dinner, and spend time with chad/homework) so i am going to try going to a wendesday morning class every week. if i miss that class, i hope to get to one on sunday evenings.

ice skate/winter hike: though the lakes haven't frozen yet, i am hoping to engage in more activities outdoors. you can bundle up and enjoy these things most months so i am going to make it a goal to do so every other week.

find classes at the gym, or equipment you really enjoy: realistically i will for sure be doing my soccer league every week but i am going to have to try and work out at the gym still. i love going to classes and hope that i can get better at doing this. otherwise, i do find the stair stepper enjoyable for some odd reason. i hope that i can have a good balance and do each of these things at least once a week.

how do you stay fit in the winter?

p.s. this is the new version of fit report. i used to post my fit report weekly, sharing my workouts with everyone but i felt like it got too repetitive so i have decided that i am going to continue with the fit reports but have them more designed to share a health and wellness or fitness topic, not just share my workouts every week. 


  1. what about snow shoeing or cross country skiing?

  2. Was that picture taken recently?? It's beautiful, but it's making me cold haha. I agree that it is harder to workout in the winter. I'm not sure how you feel about weight classes, but I've been taking a BodyPump class at my gym that really challenges me and I love it. Yoga is a great workout too.

  3. I signed up for the Disney Half Marathon, which is all great but it's January 11th in Florida, and I live in Wisconsin! Alas all my training is in the cold, so I'm praying for the snow to hold off long enough to at least get my long runs done outside during the day (safety for me too) and I can do my 3-4 mile runs on the treadmill inside (boo). Gotta do what you gotta do, right?

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