things that make me say yay #2


these are the little things making me say YAY lately.

1. my frye boots. yes they were a million dollars ;) but i love them. and wear them all the time. so i am so happy that i have them and will wear them for the next trillion years :)

2. the snow. yes it does suck to drive in, and i can't run. but it truly is a beautiful thing and helps things to really feel like christmas. i feel like a little kid again, i want to make snow forts, go sledding, and drink hot cocoa. so maybe i will!

3 & 4. my elf for health challenge! this has been a fun little way to stay healthy in the midst of the holidays and holiday sweets. they give you a little challenge everyday to try and motivate yourself to be healthier. earlier this week it was drink your body weight in water (which i added lemon and limes to) and eat a full serving of veggies before 2pm. both have been excellent!  i mentioned i found this challenge through another blogger so i want to keep sharing the challenge everyone so they have the chance to participate! 

5. coffee with my friends. one of the few things keeping me sane lately. i just have to keep telling myself one more week until that break. only one more week!!!

6. my new favorite scarf from target. yep it is amazing and i wear it daily. the little black and white pattern go with everything and i am in loooooove! keeps me warm too :)

what is making you say YAY lately?

2 samuel 22: 2-4 " he sang the LORD is my rock, my fortress, and my savior; my god is my rock in whom i find protection. he is my shield, the power that saves me, and my place of safety. he is my refuge, my savior, the one who saves me from violence. i called on the LORD, who is worthy of praise and he saved me from my enemies." 


  1. Thanks for a great post and a great blog! One thing that have been making me go yay lately is just being in the christmas spirit in general! :)



    1. I agree! this time of year is so fun just because EVERYONE has the spirit!!

  2. What a great post! Just looking at your lattes makes my day better. Best of luck making it through the next week.

    1. hahah! thanks, they are SOOO good. way better then any starbucks could make! have a lovely week!!

  3. Frye boots are so nice! I don't own a pair! And coffee with friends is always the best....I love your photos as well. I do wonder how one gets the heart shape in the coffee like that....-Jessica L

    1. yes the boots are nice! its like an investment ;)

      coffee shops somehow have some amazing way to make latte art, the looks of it make it even taste better hA!!
      thanks for all of the nice words!! :)

  4. THANKS! those things are the best... coffee and dinner with the ones you love the most!


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