....Finally Friday!


Today is finally Friday! 
This week has been a long one for me, I am not sure why but all of the little things that could go wrong did, however I did not let it get me down! Now it is the weekend which means I can finally relax-celebrate the boy's birthday, and finish up my homework!

Anyways I am hooking up with my weekly gig of Friday Letters with Adventures with Newlyweds

dear graduate school, I cannot believe that I have completed my first course. I really enjoyed it, which is a good thing because I still have six more years to go ;)

dear ebay- I cannot believe I snagged a pair of GREEN hunter boots for$50 cheaper then in store. They will be put to great use :)

dear edamame you are my food of the week. I cannot get enough of you however you are packed with protein 

Dear Minnesota apron, I want you. I think this is so cute and it would be so fun wearing this in my kitchen. However I already own 4 aprons so I don't know if you are necessary... but you do seem appealing. 

dear mother nature you are being bipolar in the twin cities lately. Extreme heat, massive amounts of rain, but you ended on a good note with a wonderful sunset and a beautiful rainbow

Dear fiance- Happy birthday! I cannot wait to celebrate the entire weekend :) WE know how I love birthdays around here!

Happy Friday Everyone!


  1. $50?! I am getting on ebay now ... I have been saying that I want a pair of hunters since I started my blog. ok, way before that. gosh I love wellies.

    1. A new staple in my wardrobe... hunters are the best I already own one pair... and just had to buy another! Def recommend them!

  2. That apron is so cute! I say go for it! ;)

    1. I tihnk that is a great idea! I will have to go back and get it ha!

  3. uuuh! love that boots!
    following you now on GFC!
    like to follow each other?
    I hope so! I would like to stay in contact!


  4. woot what a great find! i LOVE hunter boots! xo

    1. Thanks... good ol' online shopping. It gets to ya though!

  5. THANKS! :) Hope oyu had a lovely weekend!


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