three things


three things:

-chad and i have joined a soccer league to help us keep in shape since we are not gym goers. it has been going pretty well aside from the major bruising on my knee
-it is now august, which means the minnesota state fair is this month!!!! this year the new items include bbq pickle ice cream, italian desert nachos, and maple bacon funnel cake (clearly my sweet tooth shows in this post). i personally am excited for some deep fried candy bars and a turkey leg. maybe some cheese curds too. 
-we found the most amazing tex-mex restaurant when we were in colorado last weekend, and i can’t stop thinking about their brunch chicken and waffle tacos.

now let me get back to the kitchen so i can somehow recreate those amazing tacos.

outfit details: skirt// madewell shirt// h&m headscarf// thrifted shoes// saltwaters

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