colorado summer trip


hello!  chad and i are just returning from a trip out west in colorado. my beautiful sister got married, so we made the trip out there for the wedding and decided to have an extended stay camping and hiking at rocky mountain national park. we stopped through rocky mountain national park when we went on our road trip last fall, but didn’t get a chance to really explore/hike it. we were only able to spend two nights there but fully toke advantage of it with hiking over 10 miles of trails, driving up trail ridge road, and spending hours at the campfire. we never plan our trips real well. one could say it is because we love adventure and just figuring it out, or one could say we are poor planners, but we were able to snag the last campsite in rocky mountain both nights. looks like god was looking over us ;) while we were there we had some amazing experiences- we saw a huge elk pack, experienced major climate change (from hot and sunny, to super windy and rainy) by moving up a series of elevation on the mountain, and explored waterfalls and lakes in the park. 

camp meals:
chipotle sausage with boiled potatoes (with salt,pepper, lemon) and rolls
peanut butter (crunchy, always!) banana sandwiches with cinnamon 
granola bars
kettle corn (popcorn indiana) 
and beef jerky for mr. chadly

gear used: 
our good ol' faithful '02 ford ranger
old backpacking tent (from chad's childhood days)
stove top grill with butane gas

one thing to note about most national parks: no showers. as i type this post from the car, i am getting pretty anxious to hope into that shower as soon as i get home… till next time rocky mountain! 

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