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as i mentioned several times on this little blog, minnesota is the greatest/worst place to live. the food scene is great. the parks are fun. lake life is pretty much the best. and then comes winter. but that isn't for a while still!!! and not something i even want to start thinking about it. so, because it is summer, every minute possible, i try to spend outdoors in the summer. i eat my meals outside. i cook outdoors. it is great. and i make chad go on a daily walk with me. he used to make fun and only go on walks with me to make me feel better. but... i've turned my lover into a walker! and now even he craves them! there is something special when you can take 30 minutes out of day and just spend time outdoors, and even just spending some quality time with your significant other. in the book the five love languages (by gary chapman), quality time is my number one. soo the whole going on a walk and spending 30 minutes of undivided attention is a dream for me. it is where our best conversations happen, those ones where you get to dreaming and planning for the future, or even to allow us to reflect on what is going on in our lives at the current moment.

our walk latest discussion? where in the world do we go on our next trip. something we are always talking about. we aren't having kids a for a bit still ( i think) so i kind of treat every day as one other opportunity where we get to make memories of just us and do crazy cool things. kind of selfish, but something that we are trying to "get out of our system as much as a possible before we introduce a wee one" .

we were really hoping to get another big trip in for 2015 like a three week road trip, or europe! but after taking a closer look at how much we have spent traveling this year. we feel like it would be a smarter choice to do a few smaller trips, and put those dollars towards student loans (does anyone else feel like these suck the life out of you?!) ya know, be a smart, grown adult. totally is over rated ;) it is what it is. i do have to say, i like adulthood, especially the whole marriage part of it. chad and i have only been married for 2.5 years and we are already at the point where it is hard to make a decision with out the other's input. i can't imagine what it will be like in 35 years! by that point we will have more then similar tastes in watches ;)

outfit details (chad):
shirt// gap jeans// naked and famous hat// baldwin watch// c/o JORD sunglasses// rayban

jumpsuit// tj maxx sunglassess// thrifted shoes// saltwaters necklace// tiffany & co bracelets// variety of shops watch// c/o JORD

Ladies Wood Watch

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