a preview of life in the range // colorado


how does one do a re-cap on an amazing trip? 24 hours of being home- i have unpacked, did laundry, ran to the store, (a lot of big tasks in a small amount of time, i am ready for a nap!) and looked at my photos from the past 12 days 121,234 times. life in the range has come to an end and we couldn't be more bummed. if you haven't been following along on instagram, we have been gleefully over sharing all of our adventures because what else does one do when you are in the car and are doing lots of exploring? it was a dream! one that we never wanted to end! we would wake up each morning, look at each other and say "what should we do today? where should we go?"

granted, not all of life in the range was glam. we had extremely limited access to bathing (but why does that matter anyway ;) ), some days were cold, and food was ehh, okay. but... these things were very minor to us, all we cared about was all of the items packed up in that truck bed and the adventure we were seeking.

 after this trip we decided that the kirseboms are going to be working hard to continue to travel as much as two people can. we are dreaming of a way to make work portable (is that even a thing). we don't need stuff. we just need travel!

the first stop on our roadie adventure was colorado where my sister lives. and where we are hoping to go? maybe?! we love the mountains. how can one not? we go to denver quite frequently with my sister aka best friend living there, so we didn't really spend a lot of time there.. knowing that we always go to colorado. but what happens each time i go to colorado, is i find all sorts of new things that i want to do there, and keep on adding it to the list. now, the list is quite long and i don't know if i will ever get to it all, unless we move there... which my sister is working at persuading us, i think it may be working.

  i got to experience rocky mountain national park for the first time and fell in love! and instead of checking that off my list, i just re-added it to the list (you see how this goes...) you get me every time colorado. 

a more detailed post with more photos and a video will be posted at a later date just needed to get a bit of our adventure on this little space, because i think i could write about it for days. though i won't :)

#LifeInTheRange  (for life, if that is at all possible) more photos and videos to come...

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