awkward stages


lately im into looking through old photos. i kind of do it all of the time, but as of recently, the old photo streaming has increased. partly because it is so stinkin hilarious to see how much chad has changed. dont get me wrong, i have changed too... but chad has progressively changed his look so many times in the eight years we have been together it is hilarious. i spend hours laughing to myself.. while chad doesnt think it is as hilarious... i think it is a pretty good time. now, both of us kirseboms are growing out our hair ;) while that may not be super surprising for me. it is for chad. chads dang haircuts were so much money, so i proposed as a joke that he grow it out. now, six months later, chad's hair is much longer and we have saved a couple hundred dollars. however, we may in the "awkward" stage, i have my doubts about this whole my husband is growing out his hair. but i think it is working, and awkward stages have to end sometime soon ;)and if the awkward stage never goes away, it is okay... we can just laugh at the photos later on!

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