the new deal, the overalls


life lately... and the things that have been on my mind 

- i am loving the fact that overalls are now seen as a fashion statement and that my husband actually thinks that they are CUTE! once saturday rolls around all i can think about wearing are overalls. maybe it is because i wear business professional attire everyday now at work, i want the most casual, comfy, not business like clothing to wear all weekend long. not to mention overalls basically feel like sweat pants, but cuter. well, to me at least. 

-i now come home from work way past dinner but still want to cook something, so i have really turned into a late night baker.  i just need to do something besides sitting at a desk. so i bake! last week i was on a the search for the best banana bread and i tried three different recipes, and none of them were the world's best banana bread. i will have to try again soon. 

- i read jcrew catalogs like they are books and have not gotten rid of any since december. i always look back on them, and every time i get a new one i think okay i could probably get rid of december, january, february, and march now... but i don't want to. and i just keep re-reading them over and over again. maybe it is because they looks so nice and warm and put together, and i don't really feel that way lately because i am working way too many hours to actually feel like i have style. jcrew catalog, you are a cheap therapy. 

- today my sister rosie and i went to get manicures. and it made me miss my grandmother and our monthly manicures we used to get.

-my dad no longer lives in minnesota! he  found out two weeks ago that he got a job transfer that he had put in several years ago and he toke it. i never actually thought my parents would be leaving this state before i would be. this weekend we packed up the house and moved the majority of my parents things into storage. it is a very strange thing to walk around your childhood home with all of the furniture gone.

- spring is here and i no longer have to wear wool socks to keep warm... and i have busted out some new spring kicks. it feels really good. i went on a shoe shopping binge this winter (what else is there to do in the cold months of winter besides shop) lucky for me, i haven't broken in any of my new kicks and now i have 8 (yeah, 8, don't judge me) pairs of beautiful shoes that are screaming wear me wear me. 

- we are house hunting! (yes we want to move out of state, and now we are looking for a house... more as an investment property) we are taking a stab at home ownership. it is going pretty well and we have been quite the team looking for places. chads the main guy pursuing this whole thing, he spends hours looking on the computer and is constantly sending me links. it's pretty fun. chad sends me loads of links and tells me all of the ones that have epic garages, you know, the thing that totally makes you want to buy a house is the garage right?! to chad, it is. and then he looks at the kitchen to make sure that his wife will be happy. we did find one dreamy, perfect house and  put an offer in on it, but it didnt work out, and that is okay. there are plenty of houses in the sea and we will find that perfect one soon.

-with all of this house hunting, it gets me really excited for that next big stage in life..... not babies, not puppies... but the next stage of life of being a chicken mama! as soon as we sign the dotted lines we are going to get five little chicks that will lay fresh farm eggs everyday. 

what have you been up to lately?

outfit details: overalls/ hollister shirt//madewell shoes// nordstrom glasses// firmoo 

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