the perfect spring shoe


you know that moment when you fun the perfect spring shoes. light weight , bright, and cute. well i found my spring shoe! this minty beauty i found at target and was excited for it to be "the spring shoe" but as I wore this new beauties out for the first time i ended up with both feet being so blistered that i can't even wear shoes with any type of back for the next several days. my running shoes will not be laced up, heals won be worn and i will be rocking my no back sandals. thank you to my dear friend kelly for lending me some sandals friday night, she truly was a life savior ;)

what do your springy shoes look like, hopefully they don't give you blisters like mine did!

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  1. Oh Target! Their shoes certainly aren't made for walking miles. I do have a couple of pairs of Ked-looking sneakers from there that don't give me blisters. That color is adorable though!

  2. So cute! You need to get Band Aid Blister Block. That stuff is amazing for breaking in shoes! It looks like a little deodorant & is by all the Band Aids at Target. Check it out!

  3. I love mint! Those are awesome shoes. Hopefully they soften up soon and won't hurt your feet anymore!

  4. oh that's such a bummer when cute shoes turn against you! i bought a similar, ked looking, pair at target years ago and after i got them worn in, they are the most comfortable spring shoes i have! (except toms, you just can't beat shoes that feel like slippers). love the mint color!

  5. Those are so cute, that stinks that they gave you blisters! I love Target shoes...I may or may not have gone a little crazy there buying spring shoes myself... :-)

  6. so annoying they blistered you because they're so cute! I've been wearing my moccasins lately now that it's warmer. they are cute and comfy.

  7. Those are adorable, but I hate that they gave you blisters!! Get those healed up and I'm sure you'll be back to wearing backed-shoes in no time! :)

  8. Those shoes are adorable!! I am sorry they gave you blisters, hopefully you can wear them again soon!

  9. they are so bright and fun! love them :) yay for spring!



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