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lately... heart is broken for all of the tragedies that our country is facing. i pray for boston and texas. and all of the families that were hurt.

...i am on a big salad kick! i always get on a new food kick every week. this week my favorites are salad, cilantro, and cupcakes. and lucky for me my boss treated me to a cupcake yesterday. just to help my kick ;)

... i have been making chad go on lots of walks with me because i am still on my 10,000 step kick. he isn't always thrilled because the weather here is still winter like... (see that snow) but he still does it for me :) 

... i was able to having some girls over for a fun night of games, desert and wine. all around win! 

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  1. That salad looks amazing, but the cupcake looks even better. :)

    Girls nights are always fun! I'm in dire need for one ASAP.

    Amanda | Living in Another Language

  2. My mom has a little counter thing that counts her steps. She tries to get 10,000 steps a day too! Salads are my favorite, but only if they have lots of goods on top :)

  3. I try to eat salads, but they're usually the unhealthy kind because of all the toppings. :) Love chocolate cupcakes!

  4. That salad looks so yummy ;) I just started following you on bloglovin
    Hope you have a good day!
    xo- Kaara @ In the Kitch with Kaara

  5. You aren't the only one that's been on a salad kick lately. Looks yummy!

    { }

  6. I love salads, and I love trying new ones. I don't see how anyone could think salads were boring. And girls game night sounds super fun!


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