glam dolls


doughnuts for breakfast. probably the best idea ever. over the weekend i decided to take my old nanny girls out to spend time with them (and because i really miss seeing these girls on a daily basis). so, knowing children and my self, i thought that getting doughnuts would be a great idea! we headed over to glam doll doughnuts located on eat street in minneapolis. the girls were just tickled pink that first of all they could eat sugary, pretty, doughnuts, and secondly that the whole place was filled with 50s decor. they thought it was so cool. 

** we decided to get a few and spilt them, this one pictured is the chocolate salted caramel, my weakness!**

**little natalie, wearing her sunnies, being like her old nanny **

**the cutest little (kinda little ) girl**

it was such a great day spent with three little "glam dolls". i am so blessed to have children constantly surround me in my life. they make everything better!

what did you do this weekend?

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  1. that chocolate salted caramel sounds delicious! those girls are precious. i miss being a nanny. fortunately i have you to live vicariously through ;)


  2. omg i'm hungry now. that looks so delicious.

  3. That place sounds amazing! I love me some doughnuts girl! I think that's wonderful that you got to spend time with your previous girls! :)

  4. CUUTE! How fun you were a nanny! I remember wanting to do that when I was younger! And anything SALTY & SWEET is thee best combo! Sounds so YUMMY!! Happy Monday!!


  5. chocolate salted caramel?? yumm! sounds like such a fun saturday with the cutest girls around! heading over to your FB page now!

  6. Yum!!! That place sounds awesome! It's so sweet that you make time for those girls. They are really lucky to have had you as a nanny. :)

  7. Stopping by from the hop. Your blog is so lovely. You have such pretty pictures! The doughnuts are making me hungry.


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