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so great news. i bought my domain name for the blog. and lots of things will be changing as a result of that (new name, honee bee! new theme, different look, improved posts) but i need your help. because i changed my url, i lost my blog lovin' followers. can you refollow with this new button? thanks! 


  1. YAY! How awesome! Following you now with your new url :)


  2. If I'm not mistaken, all of the people that followed you before are still following you now. But, I'll follow with your new url anyways.

  3. On the Bloglovin' support page they do have a way to transfer all of your followers to a new blog URL... check it out! Good luck :-)

    1. Ooooh Lisa, thanks for the tip I have the same problem! :) Going to check it out now.

      Heather, congrats on the new domain name!

      Amanda | Living in Another Language

  4. What?? Bummer! I want to eventually buy my own domain name - that would stink if I lost my blog lovin followers :( I wonder if there's a work-around for it?

  5. Just came across your blog, and I am excited about following along! What a cute blog you have!

  6. following now! i'm thinking of changing my name and getting a domain and i've only been putting it off because i don't want to lose followers. if you find a way to merge the new URL with your current followers, let me know!


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