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recently i got to check out and go to a happy hour the newest bike shop to the minneapolis area called handsome. it is a really neat venue that is filled with all of your basic city biking needs. it has an awesome feel to it and is designed beautifully!

 if you didn't already know, minneapolis is one of the largest bike cities in the country, which is slightly crazy if you think about how much of the year is spent in snow. but, some of those bikers are much more hard core then that and make it through the minnesota winters. i personally love to bike and think it is a great way to get around. when i lived downtown i would bike daily. however now being out in the suburbs (hopefully not for too much longer), i don't bike nearly as often. but as soon as the snow thaws away, i will be back pedaling around those beautiful minnesota lakes! if you are every in the minneapolis area, make sure to check out handsome cycles! 

what do you like to do in your city?
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  1. i love that you are so active. in ga biking isn't very big. though sometimes i do see groups of bikers on the road. i always wonder if i could squeeze into those suits... probably wouldn't be very flattering on my lol!


  2. I think this might be THE cutest bike shop I've ever seen! There definitely are not any of those in Arizona! :)

  3. I agree with Nicole...soooo cute! And they serve BEER in the bike shop? How brilliant! I come from Portland, Oregon...which is also a huge bike capital. I'm sure something like this (if they don't already have it) would do fantastic there!

    Amanda | Living in Another Language

    p.s. your red scarf is adorable.

  4. What a great bike shop! Wow way to go Minnesota I didn't know that we were one of the largest bike cities in the country! Cannot wait to get my bike out! Come on spring and sunshine!

  5. i so miss these little locally run shops. i remember in chicago, the bikers were intense as well. i would have friends coming into parties completely soaked because they would still bike in the pouring rain or snow. i wish i could be that intense but for now i'll just stick with my little beach cruiser : )

  6. Such a cool spot! Raleigh is a great place to bike (we have an amazing greenway), but it's just not condensed enough to bike to and from work sadly. I still need to find a good bike though to go downtown. I wish we had an awesome shop like this!

  7. I cannot wait for the weather to be nicer to start biking again!


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