how well do you know the couple


here is a little Q & A about chad and I and our wedding planning process

where did the couple have their first date?
well we were in high school, so our big date was going to look for an old bridge, we went to a local park, star gazed, ate caramel apples, and talked. it was really cute back in the day ;) then after a while we officially started going on dates so we would make trips downtown and started to go on our adventures

what are the wedding colors?
gold and maroon-ish. the technical name of the color is rosewood, kinda like a Merlot but more pale. sounds weird but it is beautiful. we are having a very winter-y wedding, with lots of gold accents, pine cones, and pine needles. it is going to be sooo beautiful!

where is the couple honeymooning?
we are making the trip down to Puerto Rico to go on a cruise. we are going to be gone for 10 days and I cannot wait for it!

where do the bride & groom work?
well, I am a good ol' nanny for three cuties and a graduate student( is basically is my job ha!), and chad is a graphic designer for Olson, an advertising company.

what is the couple's favorite place to eat?
hmm this is a tough one, we love to go out and usually will venture out for breakfast (my favorite meal of the day) some of our favorite places are moose and sadies and the bad waitress. 

what is the couple's favorite board game?
we haven't played a board game in a while, but we used to play sequence allllll the time. I would say that is still our favorite game.

what would the bride say is the most annoying habit about the groom?
when he doesn't wake up to his alarm/when he is late. I live to be ontime, and when chad is late or doesn't wake up to his alarm clock, it puts a dent in my day. however this should get a lot better once we are living together because I get to be his alarm clock ;) 

how many children do the bride and groom want to have?
2-3. but kids are not in the 5 year plan (i hope at least). I have lots of school left and we are so young that we hope to be very well established before we start expanding our family :) I love kids but my job as a nanny makes me a part time mom, filling that need for a little one for now!

what are some of your answers to these questions? what do you and you significant other do?


  1. This is so fun! Your wedding is going to be absolutely beautiful!

    1. THANK You I hope so.. hard to believe it is coming up SO soon

  2. My Chad LOVES sequence. probably one of his favorites!

    Loved learning more about you two!

  3. how fun!! high school sweethearts are the best :) I am sure you guys live a busy life with your hubby being a youth pastor, what a fun job!


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