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tis the season to stock up on paper goods! I personally love fun stationary and think it is important to find stationary that fits you. with modern technology letter writing and card sending isn't as common but I still think it is very important to make an effort to do these things, and I am proud to say that I do have a couple of pen pals out there ( know who you are!)

here is what I use each of these items for:
1. kraft paper labels

I love kraft paper anything. I found some great kraft wrapping paper at the dollar store and use it for almost all of my gift wrappings. It is a classic look that by adding ribbon or bows, you can make into beautiful creations!

2. assorted cards
I always have associated cards on file, you never know when you will need to send a friend a note of encouragement, write a thank you, or a note to your boy ;) target just began carrying a line called Mara Mia and I am a little obsessed. for a target line, the card products is GREAT!

3. moleskin notebook
this is a must for me. I use my moleskin notebook daily, and just purchased the moleskin planner. it is a great, simple and sleek way to keep your life together. the paper quality is great and is a very durable notebook, something that still remains alive in my purse ;)

4. rifle paper co notebooks
if you have never been to rifle paper co site you have to check it out. she makes an assortment of beautiful products that I LOVE. they sell some of her products at card shops and at anthropologie 

5. rifle paper co card
once again. I love her products. they are soo cute. always a perfect occasion to use those!

6. washi tape
perfect to spice up kraft paper items or just add a cute touch!

7. a fun pen
though I do not own this fun ice cream pen, it is fun! when using paper goods always have a fun, good pen. :) 

what are your paper needs?


  1. love number six it is my go to! great list :)

  2. I also love stationary! I got a whole new set last year for Christmas.

    I use my Moleskin notebook everyday also! Love it!

    1. seriously never can go wrong with mole skin- it's amazing!!


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