thankful thursday


joining up several other bloggers in the world with thankful thursday. i love stopping to pause for a moment and to see the beauty in things, how we are so blessed though we fail to recongize it the majority of the time. but not in thankful november! ;) 

this thursday i am thankful for...

the sun shining today
green tea
my lovely books i get to wrapped up in (i am finally out of my book funk-yay!)
the ability to move and breathe
my family
my sisters who are my best friends, i don't know what i would quiet do with out them
chad-per usual ;) and how he puts up with me after all of these years (any many more to comeeeee)

what are you thankful for? did you do a post on this- if you did i would love to check it out!


  1. i know i have said this before.. but i LOVE your engagement pictures. They are pretty amazing!

  2. love all of those pictures! i'm doing a thankful post "series" this month--need to start doing it weekly, too and not just in November! have a great day, girl!

    1. yeah it is so nice! i love the series idea, get a good grasp on what we are thankful for in this busy times

  3. I haven't done a post on this yet, but I'm loving reading all the things that people are thankful for! It's amazing.

    1. it truly is! and fun to see everyone;s blessings!

  4. These are gorgeous photos of your fam!


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