1// morning sunshine 2// dinner with katie young 3// dinner with katie young 4// bridal shower 2 5// bridal shower 2 6// wedding invite 7/ wedding invite 8// yoga sculpt 9// yoga sculpt  

there is the wrap up of me weekend via instagram ( follow me at @ heathermariebee ) :) 
it was a quick, fun weekend! started it off right by going to the mall with katie young, getting dinner at a new stir fry place (can't remember the name) and walking around getting chocolate. this dear girl has got me more addicted to chocolate then I ever have been before ;)

then bridal shower number 2 happened! I was looking for some type of sparkley dress for the shower that was themed breakfast at tiffany's-so fun! look forward to a post this week with more details of the shower.

sunday was wedding stuffing day. c & I spent most the day tying, stuffing, and addressing wedding invites so they were good to go and we are now DONE with that part of the wedding, yay! 

ended the weekend with yoga sculpt with liz. my favorite class EVER! 

hope everyone else had a lovely weekend! 


  1. That dress is adorable! And I love your wedding invites!

  2. I love your dress!!!!! Where is that from?



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