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so if you haven't seen it yet on instagram, i cut my hair. nine inches of it. and got bangs. i don't really know what i was thinking walking into the salon, all i knew was that i wanted a change. and a change i got. its slightly comical because i just wrote about my long hair last friday and that same day i cut it al off, ha oops! i do like the change but i am not in love with it.. and may be wearing my hair in a itty bitty pony tail until a little bit of length comes back. sometimes you just gotta let go of all that old stuff and start new, almost like a little new years resolution ;) and this little change helps out with the "save more money" resolution because i am now going to be using way less shampoo then i used to. 

 off with the old on with the new. the only problem with this new is i am in need of styling tips. short haired friends, any suggestions? what do you do aside from wearing it down and wearing it in an itty bitty pony tail?

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