friendsgiving! + giveaway


recipe to have an extra fun thanksgiving: add another day of celebrating and do it with friends.

1. find cute pots and pans to host your food in
2. assign everyone random food tasks
3. gather together and ensure that there are lots of beverages to share
4. eat lots of yummy food
5. swap recipes so everyone can replicate their favorite dishes
6. go around and say what one is thankful for
7. laugh a lot. and get excited again because thanksgiving is going to be happening twice for you in one week!

friendsgiving was probably one of the best ideas that friends ever came up with. an extra day of feasting and trying your friends thanksgiving sides, amazing. and inspiring!  one of my lady friends make cornbread stuffing, it was so delicious. i am drooling just thinking about how dang good it was. and how i need to have cornbread stuffing on thursday. again. ;)

it makes me even more excited to have my family thanksgiving on thursday and to  add some of the sides that my friends brought!

anyway... im not sure if this is a natural thing if one is a food lover... but there seems to be a direct correlation with food and wanting pretty dishes. chad has become strict on my desire to want to continuously add to my dish collection, especially because we have a tiny home, but sometimes they just speak to me. luckily if i can stack em nicely, he doesn't seem to mind and just laughs at me and my fun collection.  so... if you happen to be a food lover who is in need of some new serving pieces (that are stackable, cute, and colorful) corning ware is giving one lucky honee bee reader a chance to receive a four piece set just in time for the holidays! giveaway goes until next saturday.

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