three for the weekend+ kinfolk giveaway!


over the weekend...
1. i baked well over 1,000 cookies. my family and i do an annual holiday christmas cookie bake while we blare christmas music, sip on some beverages and bake! i love it. this year we made 5 different varieties and only burned one batch, woohoo! then, the baker within me, came home on sunday and baked another batch of non-christmas cookies (baker's going to bake).
2. chad and i were super lame and instead of doing a usual surprise christmas gift, we went to the mall and bought each other new balance tennis shoes for christmas. granted, these won't be the only gifts we exchange this year but the gift giver inside of me was so hesitant to do this..!!! but we did it. and we got a steal of a deal,
3. i spent a lot of time sleeping. ever since i have returned from mexico, i have been battling a nasty cold. i thought this sickness was over until i started to feel sick late last week... well, over the weekend it progressively got worse. i slept in, which almost never happens, unless i am sick, and still didn't feel the best. so, if i wasn't baking cookies,  i was either sleeping or reading. i decided to start rereading harry potter again so my reading addicting is in full force.

with the holiday season upon us, so is the season for bloggers hosting giveaways! so lucky for you, one honee bee ready will have the opportunity to win a year long subscription to one of my favorite magazines, kinfolk! (i wish i could win).  here are the details. giveaway begins today and will go until sunday december 22nd. be sure to check out the other bloggers who are sponsoring this giveaway! they are quite talented ladies.

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