a day in the life of me


a walk through of what my day to day life looks like:


5:15- first alarm goes off
5:30- get out of bed, brush my teeth, put make up on, shower if we are lucky. sometime if i don't have to be at work until later i sneak in a run.
5:45-  "the cooking hour" make chad and i's lunchs, brew coffee (usually chad does this), blend our breakfast smoothie
6:15- enjoy smoothie, drink my coffee, read my daily devotional, get ready for work
6:25- off to work. usually listen to an audio book in the car or classical music, i don't like loud music right away in the morning for some reason.
7:00- arrive at work, feed little baby, get her dressed
8:00- play, read, sing with baby
9:00- get ready to go on the morning walk with baby
10:00- play at the park with baby
10:30- go on adventure with baby, something among the lines of story time, the zoo, library, play dates, and so forth


12:00- come home, feed babe lunch and put her down for a nap
12:45- break time! eat my lunch, usually vegetable heavy and always contains at least one piece of extra dark chocolate.
1:15- catch up on emails, read some blogs, maybe do a post, then start my homework. try and concentrate on homework until baby wakes up.
3:30- play with baby part two.
5:30- head home, try to dodge traffic by running to the grocery store to pick up anything that is needed for dinner, or run to target. sometimes stop at a coffee shop to unwind from the day
6:15- arrive home, start prepping dinner, sometime go on a quick run, make dinner

sometime between 7-8: dinner! yay. my favorite part of the day. catch up with chad. laugh. light a few candles. play some music. if we aren't home this is the time it usually means we are with friends or at an event. or the time i work out.

8:15- begin craving desert. start thinking about ice cream. usually i give in. ice cream time it is.
8:30- relax and hang out for the rest of the night. usually this includes tea (a chai for chad, herbal or green for me), reading, watching documentaries, sometimes homework. sometimes a game.
10:30- start thinking about bed. its hit or miss when i actually get to bed. i aim for 10:30,  but realistically it ends up being in the 11 o'clock hour.

then it is time to repeat it again. kinda fun playing out what my daily life looks like. things begin to be so routine, but it is kinda fun. it almost makes you feel grown up, you know eat sleep work type of thing. though it can be mundane, i think life is all about what you make it. high or low, the everyday things make up the best moments! for me, my favorite part of the day is dinner. maybe because i am a food person, but there is something that connects my heart to dinner time- i love cooking. i love food, it's the time of day where i don't have to think about anything, just how amazing the food will be. its the best de-stresser out there (followed by a close second would be a good run). then it is bonding time at the table! it is the time where families gather and feast together, where you get to reflect on your day, talk about the trips you want to take, or the funny video you saw. chad has picked up on this and if he is going to want to go do something, or wants to buy a new toy, eating dinner with me will win my heart, simply because i just love gathering and eating at the table. it usually makes me a happy girl, which turns me very compliant and saying yes, go do that! yes you can get his! ints (i am talking little things, not big matters, more like if he wants to go play video games with his friends, ha!) but still.to say the least i live for dinner.

what does your day look like, and what is your favorite part of it?


  1. I totally agree! I love dinner time. I love sitting around a table and talking about the events of the day, or just what is going on in someone's head. Dinner is one of my favorite times too.

    Thank you for sharing your day! It's fascinating to see how your day's play out!

  2. I loved reading about a day in your life!! So fun! :) I can't wait to finally have a good schedule back once I get a job!

  3. "... I think life is all about what you make it" So true!

    Thank you for this post. It's short and it's a simple subject, your life. Sometimes I wonder if people still read blogs. Because I for one rush from one blog subscription to another in Bloglovin. I just take a look at the photos and off to the next. But, this post somehow made me read.


  4. this makes me want to be better with my mornings and actually take the time to eat my breakfast not just standing in the kitchen / running out the door.

  5. Your life is so pretty! :) I need to start waking up earlier and enjoying the sunrise and quiet of the day before things get so fast-paced and crazy.

    1. Candace,

      I love that quote...."your life is so pretty". It describes the photos perfectly.


      Happy Kids, Inc

  6. Visiting from the Dwelling Tree Hop! Now following via Bloglovin' Instagram and Twitter. Excited to see the new look!

    I would love to have you on my weekly Bloglovin' hop, too. Come drop by:

    Bloglovin' Blog Hop

    Take care,
    Happy Kids, Inc

  7. I love this. Mostly because my day and hours are very similar in the middle...play with babe, park with babe, zoo with babe, repeat.


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