to the market!


to the market!

one of the many reasons i love summer, is... farmers market!

fresh produce, walking around outside, talking to local farmers and makers. yes, yes ,yes! 
i love it all.

there are several fun markets to go explore in the minneapolis area. the other day my sister was in 
town and we ventured to the minneapolis farmers market over looking the river. 
we walked around and listened to the live music. it was heavenly.

trips for a successful farmers market..
one-start by wearing a big comfy dress, one that you won't get too warm in.
 two- grab your favorite sunnies and your market bag, and off to the market you go. 
three- pick up some local flowers, to help make your home smell wonderful.
four-  put on that sunscreen! sun cancer never did anyone any good.
 five- ensure you connect with the farmers and makers. find out where that honey came from, 
see how the food was grown, get ideas of how you should prepare it. 

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