our trip to the mountains


happy june! wow, how in the world is it june?! time does fly..

a few weeks back, my family and i made the trip out to colorado for my sister's graduation. boy do i love that state.  my sister has lived out there for the past several years, so i have frequented denver quite a bit over the years and fall more in love with it every visit.

first off, the weather. there are 300 days of sunshine people! minnesota, not so much. but mother nature must have been wanting to pull a nice joke on us because during our little trip we hardly had sun, it even snowed!

secondly, the views everywhere you go. the mountains! the rivers! how green it is!
i am trying to connivance chad that a move out west is completely necessary ;) or really anywhere to escape these midwest winters! that itch to move out of state is getting stronger then ever... hey, maybe colorado you'll be it ;)

**denver had so many awesome coffee shop, it was great for the coffee lover and explores chad and i, we were in heaven!**

anyway, my family and i had such a great time exploring the great state of colorado. we did a wide range of things including hiking, eating amazing food, and just hanging around. colorado we will be back, maybe even for a extended stay sometime soon.

i have to say, the photos never do justice to the beautiful mountains. we love you colorado.

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