random acts of food


as many of you know, i love to bake and cook, especially for others. food brings people together, think about it. you meet a friend for coffee, grab a cocktail after work, or go hangout over a meal. it is the driving force of all friendships! with this, you can't get to those important people in your lives. i mean you want to, but simply stated there are not enough hours in the day. i've started to do random acts of food instead to share my love for people by sending them or dropping off a sweet little treat. i know it is dorky, but i can't help it. what is better then homemade cookies found in your mailbox? nothing ;)

with this, i have found the best little website (moo.com)that lets you make custom stickers to put on anything. you can put them little packages of cookies, you can personalize cards, honestly, you can do whatever you would want, all customized to what you need! think personalized card with personalized "made with love from your dear friend heather marie" , with a nice little treat. it can't get any better (okay, maybe i am going a little over board..)anyway! i love being able to personalize my stationary and i love sharing food with friends. want to be my friend ;) 

make sure to check out Moo and all of their great items! 

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