every (smart) girl needs a pair of glasses


i'm not sure about you,  but ever since i was a little girl i have always loved glasses. i remember when i was eight, totally faking out the eye doctor to try and have him give me a pair of glasses. needless to say, it didn't work (and little heather was heart broken). but as the years went on, i eventually did need glasses for a slight prescription (and the little girl inside me went hooray! actually not much has changed, "big heather" still says hooray!)

the real reason why i love glasses is because they make me look smart. ha! there is something about a lady cuddled up with a book, wearing her glasses and sipping tea. just classy ;) as i have progressed my way through graduate school i have become more dependent on my glasses, all of those days spent reading and writing papers, developing presentations, and so forth that i really do feel like my glasses are the reason why i am so smart ;) or at least that is what i tell myself those late nights and early mornings.

this little glasses post may be completely random and scattered, because i am working on completing my last major paper for my masters degree (while wearing my glasses) and i needed something else to think about when it hit me, that my glasses bring me the inspiration ;) and with that,  this glasses graduate student is going to head back to the assignment and not waste any more of her precious time making up the reasons why she loves wearing her glasses. but, wouldn't you agree, that all smart girls need a pair of glasses!?

glasses c/o firmoo (check out their great selection of glasses for a great and reasonable price!)
shirt tj maxx
pants american eagle
purse coach

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