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winter cooking may be my favorite. i am not sure if it is the combination of the cold temps and craving for hot meals, but i feel like the best foods are wintery foods. like soup, you can really have soup any time of the year, but in the winter months it is the prefect food. and roasts! with potatoes! all of it tastes divine in the winter. another reasons why i love winter cooking is the simplicity of it. you can basically throw anything into a crock pot or cast iron pot (which you dont have, you should invest, i used mine everyday last weekend!!), and it will turn out good. the food is hearty, filling, and warm. when i eat it, i really feel the warmth spread to my entire body. because i try to eat seasonally as much as possible i start to gravitate towards root vegetables this time of year. carrots, potatoes, squash  you get the idea.

last week i was on a soup kick, just craving it like crazy. i tired this chocolate turkey chili and lentil soup, both were so good and will be classics in the kirsebom home.

the internet and pinterest truly changed how cooks operate. Instead of having to search through cookbooks and recipes (not to say I dont do this, it is actually one of my favorite hobby), you can go to google and search whatever you want to make, and a list of hundreds of recipes come up. so as i have been browsing lately, i keep finding more and more wintery recipes i want to try. the four above are some that i have been itchy to try and am planning to attempt some this weekend (especially the bottom right one). its a good time of year. a hearty one. 

how do you find your cooking inspiration? any good winter recipes? 

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