a look back at 2013 // part one


2013 was a good one. looking back, it is hard to pick out the highlights because it was so, so good. a few weeks ago i decided to look back on my posts from the beginning of 2013. it was so fun to see how this little blog of mine has changed (VERY much so) and also to see all of the crazy fun things that have happened through out 2013. with that, here is a quick summary of what happened around these parts in 2013. i wrote out a summary of each month, if you hover over certain texts, there will be a link to a post that originally described the event. when i began this post i didn't realize how much stuff happened over the year. great and wonderful things, but due to how big the post was getting i decided to break it up into two parts (easier for the eyes ;) )

...  the year started off with chad and i getting married in january. we celebrated with our closest family and friends in the heart of downtown minneapolis at the historic city hall. (see HERE, HERE, and  HERE)

we then escaped off to the Caribbean for a 10 day honeymoon (it is the best thing to get married in the winter, because then your honeymoon feels amazing, especially if you are coming from the midwest!) it was tough but we managed to pack for our trip in only one suitcase for the both of us! 

chad and i slowly started to figure out what life together looked like as mr and mrs! it was a journey, but such a good one. it started with the st valentines day , where we kept it simple and enjoyed  an amazing chocolate cheesecake. in this time, i switched from watching a beautiful toddler, to working with a precious little 7 month baby. in march i really started to become obsessed with frenched themed books  , i began to become obsessed with all things french, food, books, culture. i began to truly understand it and love it all. my desire for travel continued to increase and i want to go back to europe (hopefully in 2014!) chad and i began juicing, which then lead to us being smoothie/juice obsessed for our breakfasts (and even still, we are drinking one every morning!)

april came around and all of a sudden, it was sprummer! (spring + summer) we had some amazing warm days... which then followed with some snow in may (love you, minnesota.) however one of the warm days was easter! later in the month chad introduced me to glam doll doughnuts, which i was obsessed with, until i found out i was gluten intolerant. these first three months of marriage flew by. the little babe and i did lots of fun adventures including going to the walker art museum, which she totally loved. :)

in may, i celebrated my birthday some close friends, attended my best friend katie's wedding, and began planting my little garden! it was also in this time (may) where chad and i became a little obsessed with grilling.

in june we celebrated chad's birthday with a dramatic storm causing the power to go out at pizzera lola, i ordered my second pair of saltwater sandals, in which i lived in the rest of the summer. i shared five things i learned about marriage in the first five months. the little babe and i made lots of trips to the minnesota zoo and she started to become much more active! my grandma also shared with us, how she gots swag.. ;)

part two, later this week!

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