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happy valentines day! i hope that single, or not, that you have a beautiful day filled with love. this is a unique holiday and though we know we *love* people everyday, why not share it with a friend or family member! it can be an amazing day.

how i am celebrating valentines day:
i send the little girls some vintage minnie mouse valentines filled with dove chocolates and gave my family members sweethearts, because they are so sweet! chad and i started the day with a valentine day themed breakfast, red plates, straws, and hearts. we just spent the morning remembering how blessed we are! instead of going to dinner tonight we are going to wait for the weekend so it isn't as busy and are going to be celebrating with coffee (are you guys surprised ;) )

 i somehow ended up doing a little valentine day decor, and i am surprised because i didn't think i had any time.i made a heart banner out of construction paper and threaded it with some ribbon. transformed our chalkboard to a valentine day theme. and stocked up on heart shaped treats. goes to show that a little decor goes a long way, can be cost effective, and makes for a more festive holiday! 

with that i hope that you celebrate a friend some chocolate. treat yourself to some flowers. enjoy this day and remember that you are lovely! love yourself and love others.

psalm 63:3 "because your steadfast love is better than life, my lips will praise you"


  1. love the v-day breakfast- beautiful set up :) happy first valentine as a married woman!

  2. Your V-day decor is so adorable! I love the chalkboard and that heart-shaped wooden cooking spoon. Also love the cut-out hearts. Very creative! -Jessica L


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