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it has been such a good week. the weather has been a little gloomy and rainy. but some weeks i really enjoy that. it means extra days that i get to wear my hunters ;)

and this week has been *extra* great because it is birthday week! i am feeling even more loved by family and friends who all have blessed me so much, with calls, texts, and shout outs on social media, i am thankful for all of you! in person friends or blogging friends, you all have attributed to my happiness on this day! 

with that, here is what has been going on lately via chad and my iphones! 

 **flash back to my second birthday, barney style, please tell me my looks have improved since then ;) also barney looks a little discolored here... 

chad made me breakfast this morning (and got me flowers) (i was in a rush and just snapped this photo realizing that i cut out both the breakfast and the flowers... oops!) what a great man, and then my sisters came over and brought me coffee (and were also my nice alarm clock, they called me at 6:45am, singing happy birthday, what better way to wake up?!)

what a great start to my morning, and to top it off, it's not gloomy today! **

 ** little baby and nanny adventure to the MIA yesterday, she was being so cute. we went to the MIA a few months ago, and she loved it then, but it is fun to see what things capture her attention now that she is 11 months vs. 9 months, way too entertaining!**
**got coffee with one of my best friend katie young, so blessed to have her in my life. i brought her to one of my favorite coffee shops in the cities (yes people, i know i may have a slight coffee shop problem) , spyhouse. it was a rainy day so the coffee was extra delicious. but apparently everyone had the same great idea to go get coffee because there was no where to sit! **

see how great birthday week has been so far? thanks again for everyone who has made it special! tonight (today is my actual birthday) chad is taking me out to dinner. hopefully it stays sunny out so we can go a little walk around minneapolis before our dinner starts. and of course he told me we could go get desert. best husband ever ;)


what have you been up to lately? have some fun iphone/instagram photos to share? link up with us! 


  1. birthday weeks are the best weeks! enjoy :)

  2. Happy Birthday Heather!! I hope you get to go somewhere good for dinner! AND dessert!!

  3. Feliz Cumpleanos!! <3 I hope you had a wonderful day!

    I hope you can stop by our FB page and like us. Just followed via GFC. ☺
    Bangle Paradise Facebook

  4. Happy birthday to you and me!! :) hope you have an amazing fun-filled day!

  5. Happy early birthday! Multiple celebrations are the best.


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