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only a few more weeks of interning, and silly papers. this means that in a few  short weeks I get to read more, and not just journal articles, hooray! my reading list has getting larger by the week. though I haven’t really had the time to be reading... I have still have found a little bit of time. that little bit of time is what keeps me sane. my books come along with me everywhere i go- the grocery store, to work,  the car, that way if i ever have a spare minute, i can pick up my little book and make some reading time.  some may say this is embarrassing (chad), but I am a proud book lover and I will read any chance I get! 

over the years my reading choices have slowly changed from fiction, to non-fiction, and these non-fiction titles primarily are all about food and travel, the two things that I think about constantly! and all I want to read about! so- this has lead to some great reading (if you had to ask me) that needs to be shared.  

2014 favorite foodie reads

An Everlasting Meal by Tamar Alder
How to Cook a Wolf by MFK Fisher (and all of her books, they are great food memoirs!) 
Provence, 1970 by Luke Barr
As Always, Julia by Joan Readerson (this one was fun, my friend Ally and I both read it and be now say that we are the next Avis and Julia ;) )
Cooking for Mr Latteby Amanda Hesser
French Women of All Seasons by Mireillo Guiliano

what have your favorite books been latley? i am always looking for a new read (and i don't always just read non-fiction/food/travel books ;) )

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