striking against fall


i've been on strike against fall this year.

this may sound like an oxymoron.

everyone loves fall.

don't you love the newness, the freshness.

and i do. i really do. but, i am not looking forward to that thing that comes after fall. so i am refusing to accept it. well, i was. but, after a conversation with a friend, i realized that it is inevitable. fall is here. and it is a great thing. and few things can be worse then last winter. this year winter will be great and manageable. so with that, my attitude has changed. now i am going to pull my summer loving self together and dive fully into fall! today i went down to our storage unit and brought up my sweaters. and they do feel so nice and cozy. i found my favorite, warm and worn scarf- and spent the afternoon reading outside in the fall breeze. i even got so excited that i baked some pumpkin oatmeal and sipped on espresso. then went back and grabbled my favorite blanket because it was getting a wee bit chilly.

fall, you do feel good... after all, we are getting closer to christmas time ;)

pants// paige boots// nordstrom jacket// nordstrom shirt// madewell scarf// target (2 years old) glasses/ firmoo lipstick// relvon purse// coach

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