we're going on an adventure!


have you ever heard of that little kid song, "we're going on an adventure... to see what we can find..."

well that is how i am feeling because chad and i are going on a cross country adventure, road trip style!we have been wanting to do some type of trip for a while now. something that we have never done. so when chad recently purchased a topper for his truck, we decided that we would turn it into an adventure! we are going to be road tripping from minnesota to colorado, utah, arizona, new mexico, oklahoma, and then up to kansas city. hello beautiful mountains! the grand canyon!amazing hiking spots!

we will be camping in the back of his truck/topper for the entire ride. i am so excited for our little trip, and we are starting to figure out the logistics now.

anyone have any recommendations or must see stops along the way? i would LOVE your recommendations. also, anyone gone on an extended road trip? tips?

if you would like to follow along on our adventure we will be tweeting/instagraming with the hashtag #HomeInTheRange (we are driving around in Chad's Ford Ranger, aka our home for 12 days!)


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