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life lately. it's been one of those months where i feel like i have been so busy, but when i stop to reflect on what i have done this month, i can't really tell ya, odd isn't it? but, i am becoming a happy little lady with how beautiful it is getting in minnesota. spring has arrived! and it's my birthday month ;) which automatically makes anything much, much better. with the warmer weather i am getting my itch to garden and take advantage of all of the beautiful inspiration that surrounds me. i know this blog has been much quieter compared to months before, seems like i am just trying to figure out this new chapter in life, off the web. and i think that is a healthy and great thing. i don't know if it is just me but i feel in my twenties i am constantly trying to figure myself out. i think i know who i am, and then my feelings regarding something completely change, and instantly i feel something different. its a weird stage because i am not longer really concerned about what my peers think of me, rather i am focusing on what makes me, me. quite the challenge! but, everyday i figure it out a little more, and begin to feel more and more comfortable in my skin. it's starting to feel real good.

anyway, here are some other little pieces of what life has looked like lately. 

**may day flowers from chad, and the cutest pig cutting board c/o personal creations*

**little encouragement from the word, i am needing more of this lately.**

**my hair is ombre, not on purpose, but by not dying it for so many months, i am kinda liking it and am embracing the change**

**my favorite guy**

** it is finally starting to warm up around here, and it is about time!! the summer at the lake has begun, and spending all afternoon outdoors, it's glorious! i love being outdoors and anytime there is sunshine, you can find me out there. why i live in minnesota where half of the year is cold? i couldn't tell you. but then again, maybe because of that, i know to embrace the sun and take advantage of every last minute!**

what have you been up to lately?

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