ten reasons why i love spring


spring, spring, oh i love you!

ten reasons why i love spring

1. everything smells new
2. things begin to grow again, and my little garden begins
3. my lovely husband and i start talking long walks again
4. my birthday is in the spring!
5. finally you can be outdoors and not be chilled
6. pretty summer dresses and skirts can be worn
7. you can run through the grass barefoot
8. ... or even jump into a lake (hopefully it has melted!)
9. farmers markets open again, and all of that wonderful spring produce arrives
10. the sun is out later, and starts to become warmer

in the beginning of every season, i seem to say that "this season is my favorite" but once i stopped to think about it, it isn't actually the season that is my favorite, rather it is the newness that the season brings that makes me love it so much. there is something refreshing about when a new season is upon us, it almost seems like it is a "start over" button. clothes are traded out, activities shift, and i love it all. this winter was a long and cold one so, i will take all of the newness and freshness i can get! love ya spring ;)

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