a case for jumpers



who else is excited that jumpers are back in? i certainly am. the jumper, aka comfy clothes that look cute. its a win-win situation. expect for one factor, that silly husband of mine. generally speaking i would consider chad to be a pretty hip guy, he usually knows the happenings and i can usually turn to him with the question, what should i wear and he usually comes up with a great solution. but... as of lately... he has not been loving my new fashion purchases, particularly this jumper.  he tried to be nice, saying well if you like it, keep it. followed by a, "it does look cute on you". but i knew the true feelings, and they were not with the jumper on my side. usually i try to take chads advice, but the comfy-ness of the jumper sold me. (sorry chad ;) )

sweater// h&m jumper// tj maxx purse// coach shoes// target glasses// warby parker bracelet c/o //the alisha nicole

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