ten reasons why i love my chambray shirt


1. it is something quick that you can throw on on those mornings where you just don't know what to wear
2. chad has a chambray shirt so sometimes we can be one of those awkward couples and match ;)
3. you can dress it down and wear it to the park with friends
4. or dress it up and wear it to work 
5. you can add any accessory to it and it only helps make you better ;) i.e. scarf, statement necklace, etc.
6. it goes with any color pant, blue jeans, black pants, olive pants, maroon pants - any pant!
7. it can go under a sweater to give your outfit a whole new look
8. it almost feels like a baggy t shirt because it is so worn in and comfortable
9. i am obsessed with clothes that have buttons, and my chambray shirt has several (including a mismatched one that i love!)
10.  though they are everywhere. i just love the look of this classic shirt that we stole from the 90s era.

why do you love your chambray shirt? how do you wear it ?

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