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chad and i are in no position to be buying a house for the next several years but despite this, i love dreaming about the future house that we will own. it is funny because over the years our styles have really evolved and changed but i find that we are becoming much more aware of who we are as individuals and how they plays a role in what type of home we desire. the other day we were driving to one of our friends houses and we passed this gorgeous house. i automatically started calling it my dream house. it was slightly farmish, big white home, with a beautiful wrap around porch. when i get an idea going in my head, i tend to make a little fantasy about it and went to bed dreaming about that beautiful home where chad and i were for sure going to live now ;) , ha!

though we aren't on the search i love dreaming up our future together. it is so fun to see what our dreams and goal are for the rest of our lives. we know that one day we would not like to live in the suburbs and are starting to lean towards a more country style home that is in close proximity to the city (no more then 30 minutes). we really want to have nature close by, so in whatever state we live in we want the ability to go hike around (minnesota does have all of this... but, so does the beautiful west coast!) i want to have little chickens running around the backyard with a huge garden. i want a spacious kitchen (so i can get my julia child on) with lots of room to host company over in, and chad really wants a big garage to work on his truck. those will be such fun days, but because we shouldn't get too caught in the future i am going to stop the day dreaming now and focus on just decorating our little home.

what does your dream home look like?

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