what a dream weekend looks like


what a dream weekend looks like

wear // comfy clothes on the weekend, aka a baseball t and cap 
need // coffee, the best way to warm up on a saturday morning
read // alex chungs, it
dream // oxfords ( i would love to have these shoes once the snow melts!)

lately i am really beginning to explore my sense of self and trying to figure out who i am as heather kirsebom. sounds really deep but i am doing a little exploration in my sense of self- what my fashion, interests, and passions are, so that i can better address them and have a better understanding of who i am from that, learn how to live these things out. it is a fun little task, but there is value in taking time for yourself and assessing these things. one thing i have learned from this self exploration is i have a hard time when i don't read during the week. i get all stressed and feel unhappy.  now that i know this, i have prioritized saturday mornings to be that special time to relax and creating a comfortable routine of waking up and spending the mornings hanging in bed with several cups of coffee while i read. once i am relaxed, i am able to function better all around during the week. it is crazy to me to think that by taking a few hours to myself, doing "nothing" is so critical to how i feel the rest of the week. 

how do you unwind?

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