winter in minnesota, my to-do list


oooh minnesota winters, i have a bitter sweet relationship with you. the snow is so pretty, but it gets so so cold. its easy to let it get you down. the days are short, the sun isn't always around, and have i mentioned it gets cold? but... i have to face it, i live here. and though it does get so cold there are some great things about winter. the snow is so beautiful. your bed has flannel sheets that you get to cozy into every night. you always have an excuse to drink coffee. you get to wear cute mittens and hats. and there are some fun activities exclusive to this time of year.  this list maker in me had to make a winter to-do list for 2013-2014 :)

 go ice skating on the beautiful lakes or in rice park
get a cup of coffee on a chilly day! a great excuse to stop at some of my favorite coffee shops. like spyhouse, or kopplins (they makes a mean cup of hot cocoa!)
go see the holidazzle light parade
. attend  the winter caravel hosted in st. paul and see the ice sculptures 
...  go snow shoeing at lebanon hills ( I always say I want to do this every year, but never do! Chad isnt a fan of the whole snow shoeing idea, I dont see why?! Maybe I can convince him)
. celebrate our first wedding anniversary, January 19th!
go to minihaha falls and see the falls, frozen.
. make a snow angel
... wear more hats 


winters are long here, but they still are beautiful. what do you have planned to do this winter?

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