hair care 101


hair care 101

i have some long hair. and it can be hard to maintain. but with the proper tools, anything is do-able. you may not know this, but my hair has  a slight curl and is pretty curly when my hair is shorter however with the length it is now, it just kinda looks like a wavy mess. i used to not really care about the products in my hair until i started using the good stuff, i really do notice the difference of using a higher end product and now they got me hooked!

redken shampoo&conditioner/ this is my favorite shampoo. due to my wavy hair, my hair tends to be very knotty when i am washing it. this shampoo/condition works through the knots and leaves me with beautiful shiny hair

little hair clips/ i think these are the best way to mix up your hair do. i feel like i gravitate towards the same styles over and over again, but with a clip it looks kind of new

HANAair blow drier
/ i got this blow drier courtesy of misikko and it has been awesome. it used it take me over twenty minutes to blow dry my hair in the morning. the result, a frizzy static look. i got this blow drier about a month ago and it has changed my hair. first off, dries my hair in half the time, and it makes it actually look smooth. i really don't know if i will ever be able to use another blow drier again. it is THAT good. (this would be a GREAT gift for a friend, sister or mom- especially if they have long, thick hair!)

chi straightener/ what more do i need to say?

aveda damage remedy/ with dying and all the styling i do to my hair, it leaves it pretty damaged. i use a couple forms of aveda damage remedy line and it works wonders

bumble & bumble prep/ this helps just get my hair ready for styling. it helps protect against the heat of the straightener and leaves a smooth, shiny finish. 

hairspray/ my number one friend. another thing that will change your life, a good hair spray.

i did forget one majorly important hair care tool, my dry shampoo! i also use this product every day, it helps extend the days that i don't have to shower and leaves my hair more voluminous. its great!

what types of products do you use? any favorites?

**this post contains affiliate marketing links, all opinions are truthfully my own**

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