three for the weekend !


a few things about this weekend:

1. the start of the weekend was slightly stressful with my final paper due at 11:59 pm saturday evening. the entire work week i hardly slept (thanks finals week!) with me literally waking up at five am every day. i got off work friday afternoon and all i wanted to do is cuddle up in my nice comfy be. the "worst part" was chad got off work early on friday and he decided to take a short nap. somehow, i gathered enough self control and continued to work on my paper. with no nap. however, because i resisted the desire to nap, i finished my paper early on saturday afternoon.

2. it was chad's grandmas 91th birthday on saturday. i think she is the cutest lady and i hope that i can live to 91. imagine the stories and life experience you have after 91 years. truly inspiring.

3. the weather in minnesota was frigid the entire weekend. so cold that i, the extrovert that i am, did not want to leave the house. i really wanted to have some type of celebration for finishing another semester of graduate school but i kept looking at that thermostat and decided the partying could wait until the temp reached at least zero ;) what did we do instead? we cuddled up, boiled water for tea, made a fire, and watched breaking bad. and not just a little breaking bad- we watched 9 episodes! i don't think i have ever watched so much television in my life. i am slightly proud ;)

how was your weekend?

ps: outfit details shirt// gap pants// american eagle shoes// clarks bag// coach scarf// h&m

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