lovin' on juice, a fit report


so i haven't decided how much i like doing these fit reports, but i figured since i hadn't done one in awhile that i would share.

monday: 4 mile run
thursday: 2 mile run
saturday: 4 mile run
sunday: yoga sculpt

first thing, i am loving that i am able to finally run again. it has changed my life. i feel so happy, getting up in the mornings, watching the sunrise, while i jog along side of trees. since moving in with chad, my running route has become much more scenic, which i am not complaining about.

secondly, yoga. i forgot how great it is. (and remember how much i love it??) i haven't gone in over six months (boy does time fly by) but am hoping that great 7 o'clock class on sundays will become a regular thing now that i am not wanting to be outside every second of every day.

thirdly, i decided because i had over indulged in sugar in the earlier part of this week  (i am talking multiple deserts a day, sugar is my frienemy), i needed to be healthy and have some juices as meal replacements friday evening. my boss had gone to truce and gave me some of their juices before, so after work i headed over and picked some up. juice is such a refreshing way to get nutrients in your body. and though i don't know if i could commit to a whole juice cleanse (is it sad to say that i don't think i have the self control?), i love having juices to help balance out a healthy diet.

how was your fit week? have you tried juice cleanses before?

also, do i keep doing this, yay or nay?


  1. yay for sure!


  2. Awesome! I'm planning on getting back into yoga. I love your work out schedule. And I've never tried juicing. I've heard great things though.

    PS: I love your shoes! Where'd you get them?

  3. I've just discovered your blog through reading "Postcards from Rachel" and from just the first 3 post I've read, I love it! You've got some beautiful photos too :)

    I've only recently started going for runs this summer and I can see the difference it has made. So in answer to your question...definitely yay!


  4. I like your fit reports. Juicing is good too but I have yet to do a full cleanse. I think I would get too hungry with just juice. I'm also juicing this week after eating like a maniac last week... =(

  5. I'm planning on doing a 3 day juice cleanse next week! I got a 'deal' on the juices (that sounds so sketch) through Ru La La and it's on my birthday bucket list so I was like boom let's do this! I'm kind nervous! I would love to start running but every time I start I feel like an idiot!


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