happy first day of autumn!


happy first day of autumn everyone! i hope you do some fall-ish things today. i am going to start the day by making pumpkin oatmeal. then chad is taking me to the apple orchard (where we always get a cider float). i am thinking that i should try and squeeze as much fall-ish stuff in this weekend, after all it is a holiday weekend ;) i cannot wait for the crunchy leaves, the bonfires, and carving pumpkins. hooray for fall, please stay around a while!


  1. A cider float?! Sounds absolutely AMAZING! I agree, this weekend should be a holiday. Fall is the best!
    Enjoy the changing of the seasons.


  2. Fall has to be my favorite season!

  3. Ya ya yay happy fall! That first picture looks like it should be in a magazine!

  4. Aw these pictures are precious!!! A cider float sounds fantastic! Happy Fall!


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