life lately: summer heat


life lately via chad and i's iphone/instagram
1// baby and i went to the walker, a great museum in the minneapolis area! they have a great sculpture garden with lots of life sized pieces of art. this cherry on the spoon is a great local classic! the little baby loves going here. it is her favorite art museum 2// look at her cute little blue eyes 3// hot hot days around here! meaning more time beach side. we are experiencing the heat wave that a lot of midwest/ east coast people have. yesterday i passed an office building that said 97! and that isn't factoring in the humidity factor either. needless to say, lots of showers. and water. 4// lake nokomis, that is the closest minneapolis lake to chad and i, we go there often if we feel like doing a quick lap around the lake. then we usually stop and get some gelato at a local shop around there!

other things that have been going on lately:

it is still busy around here. i feel like my head is spinning. not to mention i haven't been sleeping well, which is never a problem for me lately?

also with all of this hot heat, i am craving more hot things? ironic right? i want hot mochas, hot soup... someone please tell me i am normal ( i know i am not, this is a very weird and abnormal thing) but, oh well. i have had a hot cappuccino the other day and it was delightful. i didn't care that it was 95 degrees out... now only if i could get some soup ;)

what have you been up to lately? share your iphone/instagram photos with us below!


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  2. I love these pictures!! That cherry on the spoon is darling. And I wish I could tell you craving hot things in this heat is normal, buuuuut I can't. Haha.

  3. i once was told that eating hot things help cool you down because it makes you sweat. that could totally be made up though

  4. Lovely pics!! That spoon and cherry is awesome!! And what a cute baby! :)



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